Corporate and Event Photographer Top 5 Hints and for Gear Preperation for Beginners

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Hi Everyone


As its the holiday season, and I am normally a freelance corporate and event photographer out and about in Edinburgh or Scotland, I figured today would be a good time to do a short post looking at the important, but often slightly boring issue of preparing your gear for event photoshoots.  Why is this important, because, after your skills as a photographer, or probably even more important, is that you must ensure nothing can go wrong on the day.  If you lose all your photos you may as well leave the country, due to the long term effect on your reputation

Anyway here are my top 5 preparation tips

1. Have at least two of everything, this includes flash cameras, a choice of lenses.  Every bit of equipment is capable of failing.  It goes without saying you will need loads of batteries, chargers etc. 

2. Check your settings and have them all prepared the day before, you may have time to arrange for replacements if anything goes wrong.  If you have a dual card slot in you camera, use it. This once saved my life at a conference photography event in Edinburgh when one of the cards broke when I took it out after a full days shooting.  Oh and make sure you change the settings on your camera to record to both cards

3. This may sound obvious but as an experienced outdoor photographer in Scotland , prepare all your waterproof clothing etc the day before.  Don't be fooled by the seasons, this is Scotland after all.  I photograph supercar events around Edinburgh and East Lothian and we had better weather in November and December than in July and August.  Remember rain is the enemy protect your camera and yourself.  7 hours in the rain can effect your sanity and health - be prepared

4. Make a list of things you need and tick it off.  It is so easy to forget one crucial item.  If you forget a lens cloth or a flash diffuser for instance it could have a profound effect on your photos

5. Gauge the equipment you need for each job and make sure you take only what you need.  This also helps you to visualise what you intend to do on the day, in addition to ensuring you don't take too much gear.  I am getting on in the years now and don't want back trouble due to taking too much gear on the job.  It also makes it easier to find the correct equipment when you need it, without getting into a flap

Anyway hope this helps.  I am of to do some infrared photography in Scotland next week and some newspaper photography in Midlothian, as well as an equine photoshoot in January.  See you soon and have a good new year


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