Subject Matter for Infrared Photography in Scotland (all year round)

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As an infrared photographer in Scotland, I am always looking for new subjects to photograph and as we all know outdoor infrared photography in Scotland needs sunshine, so the majority of photos will be taken in the summer, when we have more light.  Not good if you are in Scotland I hear you say.  Not necessarily so, the light at this time of year can be intense midday.  Also there are less people walking around when it’s cold, which will give you more opportunity for a remote atmospheric shot, apart from the occasional walker and their dog (the enemy of the outdoor landscape photography).  The misconception about infrared is that you need trees and flowers in full bloom and you can only take photos in the summer.

I won’t go into too much detail at this stage (more detail to follow at a later date) why the following subjects are good to photograph in infrared, suffice, it’s not all about trees and the following subjects worked for me, so here we go:


Anything with green foliage, ie that goes for grass, trees etc

Tree branches out of season

Reflections on water, particularly trees

Metal objects, although watch out for the direction of the sun and its effect on the metal surface

Buildings with glass, again, its their reflective properties which make the shot

Clouds mixed with blue skies

People, particularly performers

Cars and planes, their metallic properties make them ideal for infrared photography


If you can mix a few of the above subjects into one image, even better.  Anyway, happy shooting,

Until next time.



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