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Hi All


I had a good weekend with some sports photography at East Fortune on Saturday and Sunday.  It was lovely and sunny but very cold and I think I managed to get sunburnt and frost bite all at the same time, however no rain and that is the main thing.  Looking forward to more events throughout the year.  This is also the start of the landscape and infrared photography season, giving me the chance to add to my infrared photography in Scotland Project.  As a professional event photographer in Edinburgh, I also have a lot going on with some conference photography in Scotland and some music photography at the weekend.  As a professional photographer in Scotland, it's always good to get a wide range of work, it keeps you on your toes and broadens your experience.  Although I don't have a studio, I still operate indoors and outdoors and my work is most enjoyable and varied.  I also value the importance of keeping up with your personal projects and I plan to expand my infrared work, to include medium format infarared in the near future, when funds are available.


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