Christmas and the event and conference photographer in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Scotland

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A Guide for Event and Conference Photographers in Scotland During the Festive Season

The festive season is upon us, I thought it would be good idea to provide a guide for Christmas and the event and conference photographer in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Scotland. For event and conference photographers in Edinburgh and Glasgow, this time of the year offers unique opportunities to capture the magic of the season. In this blog post, we'll explore how photographers can approach the festive period, ensuring they not only document the events effectively but also get into the swing of things this Christmas.

1. Embrace the Festive Atmosphere:
One of the key elements of successful event photography during Christmas is to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere. Understand the theme and decorations of the events you'll be covering.  Imagine being in Edinburgh at Christmas and having the opportunity to capture some of the unique magic of the city.  One of my first commissions almost 20 years ago as a corporate photographer in Edinburgh was to photograph the wheel at Christmas in Edinburgh for the EICC which at the time was being promoted as a conference and event venue.  It was great to see my photos on the front page of their magazine and also made into a Christmas card.

2. Plan Ahead for event photography in Scotland at Christmas.
For event photographers in Edinburgh for example, the festive season can be hectic, with a multitude of events and conferences taking place simultaneously. As an event photographer in Scotland, planning is crucial. Create a schedule, coordinate with event organisers, and familiarise yourself with the venues. Knowing the program in advance allows you to anticipate key moments and ensures you don't miss any important photo opportunities. For conference photographers in Edinburgh, this can be great time, with the opportunity to capture the Christmas tree when delegates arrive at the venue, also maybe the lights on a famous street, such as George Square in Glasgow or Princes Street in Edinburgh.

3. Capture Candid Moments:
Christmas events and conferences are often filled with candid, heart warming moments. Be on the lookout for genuine expressions of joy, laughter, and connection. Of course more drink will be flowing at this time of year, so don't be tempted.  You are working remember. These candid shots can evoke the true spirit of the season and provide your clients with memorable and authentic images.

4. Incorporate Holiday Details:
Pay attention to the little details that make Christmas events special. Capture the decorations, festive ornaments, and any unique elements that contribute to the holiday theme. These shots not only add context to your event coverage but also create a visual story that reflects the festive spirit.  Include that tree in the Christmas wedding photo and do not be afraid to combine the festive season with the event you are covering.  The photo with this blog was from a winter wedding taken near Christmas.

5. Leverage Creative Lighting:
Christmas events are known for their vibrant and dynamic lighting setups. Experiment with different lighting techniques to enhance the festive atmosphere. Use warm tones and play with backlighting to create a magical and relaxing ambiance in your photographs. Don't be afraid to get creative and capture the sparkle of the season.

6. Engage with Attendees:
Building rapport with event attendees can result in more authentic and compelling photographs. Strike up conversations, be approachable, and make an effort to connect with the people you're photographing. This personal touch can lead to more natural and relaxed shots, capturing the genuine joy of the festive season.  Don't overdo it mind, you are there to do a job.

7. Deliver Quickly:
Given the significance of the holiday season, event and conference organizers often want access to their photos promptly. Aim for a quick turnaround time in delivering the edited images. This not only ensures client satisfaction but also allows them to share the festive moments on social media or other platforms while the holiday spirit is still fresh.

For event and conference photographers in Edinburgh, Glasgow and throughout Scotland, the Christmas season offers a splendid canvas to showcase your skills and capture the magic of the holidays. By immersing yourself in Edinburgh's festive spirit, planning meticulously, and paying attention to the unique details, you can create a portfolio of images that not only documents events but also spreads the joy and warmth of the season.  Or embrace the festive spirit in George Square in Glasgow and let your photography illuminate the Christmas period.

So until next time.

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Top 5 tips for marketing - corporate and event photographer in Scotland

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For todays blog I thought I would look at the Top 5 tips for marketing - corporate and event photographer in Scotland.  We will look at the important aspects of marketing for event and conference photographers in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Scotland and how to run a successful freelance event photography business in Scotland.

In the competitive world of corporate, event and conference photography, standing out from the crowd is essential for success. Whether you're based in Edinburgh, Glasgow, or anywhere in Scotland, effective marketing can make all the difference. In this blog, we'll explore the top 5 marketing tips tailored specifically for event photographers in these vibrant cities and the broader Scottish market. From optimising your online presence to networking strategically, these tips will help you elevate your photography business to new heights.

1. Optimise Your Online Presence for "Event Photographer Edinburgh":
In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for attracting clients. Optimize your website and social media profiles with relevant keywords, such as "event photographer Edinburgh," to enhance your visibility on search engines. Ensure that your portfolio showcases the diverse range of events you've covered, highlighting your skills and unique style. Consider creating blog posts or case studies about your experiences as an event photographer in Edinburgh to provide valuable content and improve your website's SEO.  Make sure you register with Google and Bing to track your SEO progress and look at your competitors and how they are doing in this area.

2. Master the Art of Networking:
Networking is a powerful tool for any photographer, especially in cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow where events and conferences are abundant. Attend industry-related gatherings, join local business chambers, and connect with event planners to expand your network. Word-of-mouth referrals are invaluable, so make a lasting impression by delivering exceptional service. Consider offering special promotions or referral discounts to incentivise clients and fellow professionals to recommend your services.  Join a local networking group and network with other businesses at Business Gateway. Business Gateway | Business Gateway (

3. Dominate Search Engines with "Conference Photographer Scotland":
For photographers catering to the corporate world, ranking high on search engines is paramount. Incorporate the key phrase "conference photographer Scotland" strategically in your website's content, meta tags, and image descriptions. Regularly update your blog with insightful posts related to conference photography, industry trends, and client testimonials. Engaging content not only boosts your website's SEO but also positions you as an authority in your field.

4. Showcase Local Expertise with "Event Photographer Glasgow":
Tailor your marketing efforts to the unique characteristics of Glasgow by highlighting your local expertise. Create content that showcases your experience as an event photographer in Glasgow, sharing stories and images from events in the city. Collaborate with local businesses, event venues, and influencers to expand your reach and strengthen your connections within the Glasgow community. Utilise social media platforms to engage with local audiences and participate in relevant conversations.  Become an expert in your field. I often write articles on infrared photography and gaining a reputation in this area of photography has helped my sales.

5. Leverage Social Media Platforms:
Social media is a powerful tool for marketing, allowing you to connect directly with your target audience. Utilise platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to share your best work, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and client testimonials. Use relevant hashtags, including #EventPhotographerEdinburgh, #ConferencePhotographerScotland, and #EventPhotographerGlasgow, to increase your visibility on these platforms. Engage with your audience by responding to comments, participating in conversations, and collaborating with other local businesses and influencers.


By implementing these tailored marketing tips, corporate and event photographers in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and across Scotland can enhance their visibility, build a strong network, and establish themselves as go-to professionals in their communities. Stay creative, stay connected, and watch your photography business flourish in these dynamic and culturally rich cities and if successful, you will have a variety of photographs on your website to showcase to your clients.  Here are some images from this website Colin Wright Photography, Edinburgh and Glasgow corporate and event photographer | Commercial corporate event photographer Edinburgh Glasgow Scotland and also from my sister website at Colin Wright Photography - Commercial Photographer in Edinburgh and Glasgow (



The Role of Impartiality for corporate photographers in Scotland

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For todays blog we are going to look at The Role of Impartiality for corporate photographers in Scotland.
Photography is a powerful medium that allows us to freeze moments in time, preserving memories that can last a lifetime. Whether it's a wedding, a conference, or a special event, photographers play a crucial role in capturing the essence of the moment. In this blog post, we'll explore the importance of remaining impartial as a photographer and its impact on the quality of the images captured. We'll also look into the specific aspects of event photography, focusing on the vibrant cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland. I was in Glasgow at the weekend and I took a few photographs of the pro-Palestine demonstration.  Whether I agree with the context of the demonstration is not important, what is crucial is the need to remain professional and impartial at all times.

The Power of Impartiality in Photography:
Photographers are often regarded as the visual storytellers of an event. Their ability to convey emotions and tell a narrative through images requires a keen sense of impartiality. Remaining impartial means being able to detach oneself from personal biases or opinions, allowing the photographer to document the event authentically. This impartial perspective ensures that the images captured are a true reflection of the atmosphere and emotions present, providing clients with a genuine representation of their special day or event.

Edinburgh: A City of Rich Culture and Events:
Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a city teeming with history, culture, and a vibrant events scene. From the iconic Edinburgh Castle to the bustling Royal Mile, the city offers a diverse backdrop for photographers. When searching for an event photographer in Edinburgh, it's crucial to find someone who can capture the unique atmosphere of the city's various gatherings, conferences, and celebrations.

Conference Photography in Scotland:
Conferences are dynamic events that require a skilled photographer to capture both the formal proceedings and the candid moments. For businesses and organisations hosting conferences in Scotland, having a conference photographer in Scotland who understands the importance of impartiality is paramount. Their ability to document presentations, discussions, and networking sessions without bias ensures that the resulting images are valuable assets for post-event promotion and documentation.

Glasgow: A Hub for Dynamic Events:
Glasgow, another vibrant city in Scotland, is renowned for its lively arts scene, festivals, and conferences. When seeking a conference photographer in Glasgow, it's essential to prioritise impartiality to accurately capture the diverse range of events hosted in this dynamic city. Whether it's a corporate conference, a cultural festival, or a trade show, an impartial photographer can provide a comprehensive visual record that reflects the essence of the occasion.

Event Photography in Edinburgh: Freeze the Moment, Not the Bias:
Events in Edinburgh are as diverse as the city itself, ranging from cultural festivals to corporate gatherings. An event photographer in Edinburgh must possess the ability to remain impartial while navigating the unique challenges presented by each event. By doing so, they can deliver a collection of images that encapsulates the energy, excitement, and significance of the occasion.  Here are some photos from my sister website at, to give you an idea of the style I adopt for corporate photography commissions in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Conference and Event Photography Edinburgh Glasgow Scotland - Colin Wright Photography (

In the world of photography, impartiality is the key to unlocking the true potential of an image. For photographers in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and throughout Scotland, embracing impartiality is not just a skill—it's a commitment to providing clients with authentic visual narratives. When seeking a photographer for conferences, events, or special occasions, prioritizing impartiality ensures that the images captured will stand the test of time, becoming cherished memories for years to come.  Here are some examples from this website: Colin Wright Photography, Edinburgh and Glasgow corporate and event photographer | Miscellaneous

So, until next time, happy snapping.

Kind Regards


Top tips for conference and event photographers in Edinburgh, Scotland

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Top Tips for Hiring an Edinburgh Photographer, Conference Photographer Scotland, Corporate Photographer in Edinburgh, and Event Photographer in Scotland

Introduction - What to consider when you are looking for a conference and event photographer in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Scotland.
Looking for a skilled and experienced photographer in Edinburgh? Look no further as we provide top tips for hiring an Edinburgh photographer, conference photographer Scotland, corporate photographer in Edinburgh, and event photographer in Scotland. Read on to find out how to make the best choice for your photography needs.  Here are some photos from my website from conferences I have attended. Corporate event and conference photographer Edinburgh, Glasgow and Scotland (  More photos can also be found on my sister website through the following link. Conference and Event Photography Edinburgh Glasgow Scotland - Colin Wright Photography (

1. Do your research:
When searching for an Edinburgh photographer, take the time to research their portfolio, experience, and reputation. Look for photographers who specialize in the specific type of photography you need, whether it's conference photography in Scotland or corporate photography in Edinburgh.

2. Read customer reviews:
To gauge the quality and professionalism of a photographer, read customer reviews and testimonials. This will give you insights into their past clients' experiences and help you determine whether they are the right fit for your event or conference.

3. Check their website and online presence:
A reputable Edinburgh photographer will have a well-designed website showcasing their work, services, and contact information. Take a look at their online presence, including their social media profiles, to gain a better understanding of their style, expertise, and professionalism.

4. Request a portfolio:
Before finalising your decision, ask for a portfolio of the photographer's previous work in event photography or conference photography in Scotland. This will allow you to assess their style, technical skills, and ability to capture key moments.

5. Inquire about their equipment:
To ensure that your event or conference is captured in the best possible way, inquire about the photographer's equipment. Ask whether they have high-quality cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, and backup systems to handle any potential issues.

6. Discuss pricing and packages:
When hiring a corporate photographer in Edinburgh or an event photographer in Scotland, it's essential to discuss pricing and packages beforehand. Clarify the services included, such as the number of hours of coverage, post-processing, and delivery of the final images. Request a detailed quote to avoid any hidden costs.

7. Verify their availability:
Before finalising the hiring process, check the photographer's availability during your event or conference dates. It's crucial to secure their services early to ensure they are not booked elsewhere.

8. Communicate your expectations:
Clearly communicate your expectations to the photographer, including the specific shots, angles, and moments you want captured. This will help them understand your vision and deliver photographs that meet your requirements.  I always ask this before I agree to a photoshoot, as it may not be suitable for my skills.  Its always better to know this in advance.

9. Discuss rights and usage:
It's important to discuss the usage rights of the photographs taken during the event or conference. Determine whether you will have exclusive rights to the images or if the photographer can use them for their portfolio or marketing purposes.

10. Sign a contract:
Finally, to protect both parties and ensure a smooth process, sign a contract that outlines the terms and conditions of the agreement. This will provide clarity and peace of mind for both you and the photographer.

By following these top tips for hiring an Edinburgh photographer, conference photographer Scotland, corporate photographer in Edinburgh, and event photographer in Scotland, you'll be well-prepared to make an informed decision. Remember to prioritize experience, reputation, and the ability to capture unique moments. Hire a professional who aligns with your vision, and enjoy stunning photographs that will bring your event or conference to life.  Here is another article to help you take stunning photos How to Shoot Event Photography Like a Pro in 2023 (

So until next time.

Kind Regards



wedding photographer Perthshire

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wedding photographer Perthshirewedding photographer Perthshirewedding photography from Pitlochry Perthshire by professional event photographer Edinburgh Glasgow, Scotland, Colin Wright


wedding photography from Pitlochry Perthshire by professional event photographer Edinburgh Glasgow, Scotland, Colin Wright

The importance of photographing children at weddings.  Children can light up a wedding and bring joy to all with their natural behaviour.  This was one of these times when I was photographing a wedding recently at Pitclochry, Perthshire.  This little girl in entertained us all with her playful character.  It's also good to get a good mix of colour and black and white photos when photographing weddings in Scotland, especially at a location as wonderful as Pitlochry.


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