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Event Photography at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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Its that time of the year again, where professional photographers living in Edinburgh have great opportunities to get some good stock event event photography images from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, or just as a means of practicing your craft.  I love it, but I must admit is becoming harder by the year due to the crowds and the number of photographers.  Nowadays more people have digital cameras and many have really expensive gear and I am not just talking about the professionals here.  I have noticed with the increasing numbers some do's and dont's and here is my opinion for what it is worth.  It is a free country and professional photographers done have more priority than other photographers, unless they have been hired by the photographer and only then should they be able to prioritise their position.  No matter how hard you want a photo, you have no given right to shove to the front, there are other photographers and people watching, especially children.   Don't keep asking them to pose, the performers will do this if they want to.  If you have taken loads of photos, offer to send them copies and get an email address and the final one and this one never fails to amaze me every year - try not to use long intimidating lenses, there is no space and it intimidates the performers.  Nowadays there are alternatives and mostly we aren't shooting in low light.  OK so that my grump for the day.  So whats on this week, more corporate event photography in Edinburgh, a headshot photography commission in Glasgow and I will be trying out my new Nikon D800 in infrared, photo attached, as part of my infrared photography in Scotland project.


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