Preparation for the Professional Photographer in Edinburgh, Scotland - Top 10 Tips

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As a professional corporate and event photographer working in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland, you cannot underestimate the need to properly prepare for corporate and event photoshoots.  lets take the example of a conference photographer working at an event in Scotland for instance.  You will have been given a brief in advance by the client with instructions as to what they want from you as a photographer.  it is then your duty to do just that and also go beyond what they requested.  Here is list of things you need to do to prepare for a photoshoot:

1.  Make sure you understand the brief, including the location, timings, when they require the photos, key people etc and if something is not clear, then ask in advance of the meeting.

2.  Sometimes its the unexpected things that cause problems, be sure you can get to the location with lots of time to left, so that you a have al least an hour and a half to spare to allow for any disasters such as traffic, car problems etc.  A delegate can be late for a conference but the photographer can't.

3.  Get all your gear ready a couple of days before, so you have time to buy batteries etc if there are any problems.  This includes charging lots of batteries, cleaning the equipment, making sure it works etc.

4.  Think clearly about what photos you will be taking and select the gear you need, ie will you need a macro lens or a telephoto, will it be better to use smaller mirrorless gear etc.  Don't over pack your bag, as you will have to lug the gear around and leave a lot of it unattended.  However make sure you have back up in case of malfunction.

5.  Map out the timings and write them down, on a programme if possible.  This is vital for conferences, weddings and PR, where timing is key.

6.  Make sure you have the a note of the key contact people, name, email address and mobile number (for emergencies) ie the person who commissioned you and and main players at the event and introduce yourself in advance of the event if possible, or on the day.

7.  Determine in advance when and how they want the photos ie if they require some on the day of the event then take a laptop etc, also establish in advance how and when you will be paid. 

8.  When you are arrive look professional and be friendly to everyone before the start of the event.

9.  If you have a long day ahead and lets face it most conferences are, try and make sure you have as much energy as possible for the next day, get a good nights sleep the night before and try and relax.

10. Finally, enjoy and get creative.

Hope this help.

Until next time.

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