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Just for a change I am going to talk about choice of IT equipment and operating system for professional photographers.  As a corporate and event photographer working in Scotland, fast workflow and an efficient desktop are essential to running a successful photography business.  With more of our work done on mobile technology, through our phones and tablets, the way we work has changed dramatically.  For many years I was a pc person and although I purchased a Macbook when I went professional, the different operating system and steep learning curve prevented me from changing to Apple products.  However, I have now purchased an IMac and I am now a fully fledged Apple convert.  Whilst everyone is different, I would like to let you know my reasons for changing.  Whilst a PC can often have a faster operating system, the Apple updates, always improve on the current system.  Many Windows updates just frustrated me in the past.  The quality of the screen in IMacs is excellent and they sync well with other devices.  As a fine art photographer working in Scotland, I also think it is important to have a professional looking desktop set-up for the customer and Apple IMacs look great and are instantly recognisable.  However, the biggest reason is the longevity of the devices.  All my Apple products last longer than their Android counterparts, PC systems can start going slower after 2 years.  So I am looking forward to the new year with my new gear.  Apple is not perfect mind you, the hard drive size is often limited, as are upgrades and the products are more expensive.  Word also works better on a PC system, but more importantly, Photoshop works better on a Mac, with many of the updates designed to improve the experience on the Apple systems.  So in the long run I am looking forward to working with my Mac.  Finally, I just think it is more fun, but I am sure you all have your own opinion and there will be photographers out there who will defend and prefer PC systems.

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