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As look at the Plans for 2024 for corporate and conference photographers in Edinburgh and Scotland, we take a step into the dynamic world of photography in 2024. The realm of corporate and event photography in Scotland continues to evolve, presenting exciting opportunities for both professionals and enthusiasts. From technological advancements to creative innovations, the landscape is vibrant and promising. In this blog, I will look at the trends and plans that are set to shape the world of corporate and event photography in the coming year.

Embracing Technology:

In 2024, technology is set to play a pivotal role in transforming the way corporate and event photographers work. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are becoming integral tools for creating immersive experiences. Photographers are exploring new ways to incorporate these technologies into their work, offering clients unique and interactive visual content, whilst at the same time ensuring they don't lose the bespoke personal touch.

Drone Photography Takes Flight:

Its not for me yet, maybe will be this year.  Drones have already made a significant impact on photography, providing breathtaking aerial perspectives. In 2024, we can expect an even greater integration of drone technology in corporate and event photography. From capturing stunning venue shots to documenting outdoor events from above, drones add a new dimension to storytelling.

Focus on Sustainability:

As environmental consciousness continues to rise, corporate and event photographers are incorporating sustainable practices into their workflows. This includes using eco-friendly packaging, opting for energy-efficient equipment, and promoting eco-conscious events. Clients are increasingly valuing photographers who align with their sustainability goals.  This is especially true when bidding for public sector photographer contracts, as they will want to see evidence of this practice in your business model. 

Personalised Experiences:

Clients now seek more than just standard event coverage. In 2024.  For instance conference photographers in Edinburgh are honing their skills to offer personalised and tailored experiences. This might involve pre-event consultations to understand the client's vision, capturing candid moments that reflect the unique atmosphere of an event, and delivering customised photo packages, to make sure you are that bespoke event photographer in Edinburgh that they are looking for.  Here are some images from my sister site at, which highlight my conference and event photography from around Scotland. 2023 corporate, conference end event photographer Scotland - Colin Wright Photography (  There are also some examples from this website from the attached link. Colin Wright Photography, Edinburgh and Glasgow conference photographer | Commercial corporate event photographer Edinburgh Glasgow Scotland

Real-Time Social Media Coverage:

The demand for instant content continues to grow, and photographers are adapting by offering real-time social media coverage. This involves capturing and sharing highlights of an event in Edinburgh, Glasgow or throughout Scotland as it unfolds, engaging audiences and creating buzz. Social media has become an integral part of the event experience, and photographers are capitalising on this trend.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Editing:

AI tools are becoming more sophisticated, and photographers are leveraging them for post-processing tasks. From automated colour correction to facial recognition for efficient tagging, AI is streamlining the editing process, allowing photographers to focus more on creativity and storytelling.  However, I don't want to see it replacing actual photographs and there will always be a need for a skilled event photographer in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Scotland.

Collaborations and Networking:

In 2024, photographers are recognising the value of collaboration and networking. Building partnerships with other professionals in the industry, such as event planners, marketers, and venues, can lead to mutually beneficial opportunities. Networking events and online communities are essential for staying updated on industry trends and forming valuable connections.


The world of corporate and event and conference photography in Scotland in 2024 promises innovation, creativity, and a continued commitment to delivering exceptional visual content. As photographers embrace technology, focus on sustainability, and personalize their services, clients can look forward to a dynamic and engaging visual experience that goes beyond traditional event documentation. The evolving landscape of photography opens new avenues for professionals willing to adapt and explore the limitless possibilities that the future holds.

So, until next time, have a happy new year and see you in 2024.

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