Wedding photographers in Edinburgh and conference photographers in Scotland

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Hi Everyone

For todays blog we will be looking at Wedding photographers in Edinburgh and conference photographers in Scotland
and the similarities between both and what they have in common.  So lets look at the things that are similar for both these genres of photography.

Wedding and conference photography similarities.

1. Both genres come into the category of event photography in Scotland.  They are capturing a big event with either delegates or guests.

2. You need to know the timings involved on the day and know them well.  For weddings it is when the bride comes down the isle, time of the speeches, the time allocated for the photos etc.  For wedding photographers in Scotland, the timing of the weather changes is also critical and how they will effect the photography on the day.  For conferences it will be the time of the presentations, breaks, guest keynote speakers etc.

3. You will use similar gear as a wedding photographer in Scotland or say a conference photographer in Glasgow, you will need a standard 28-105mm lens for instance and a 70-210mm, possibly a macro lens for close ups and depending on the event, maybe a wide angle.  You will also need speedlights, as you wont have much tome or space to set up complicated lighting systems.

4. Your relationship with the clients will be crucial.  They will help you with the venue and provide you with valuable information on the day.

5. You will need to act quick to capture the right moments, whether this is the bride and groom at the ceremony or a politician arriving at the conference to give a keynote speech.  You need to make sure you do not miss these moments.

Wedding and conference photography differences.

1. Conference photographers will probably need a longer lens than than wedding photographers, probably up to 300mm or 400mm.  Other than that the gear will be similar.  However, I have been to conferences where I had to photograph people in a formal portrait sense, with a more complicated lighting set up.

2. You will probably have more room to play with at a conference thana wedding, due to the size of the venue, although this will not always be the case.

3. A conference will likely be a shorter day and less tiring than wedding photography in Scotland, which can go on from late morning to almost midnight.

4. You will have to deal with guests who are maybe a bit tipsy at weddings, this will not happen at a conference, unless you are also covering the eventing meal.  Wedding photographers in Scotland can however use this to their advantage as it can mean the guests will relax more.  It can cause problems though, as you can well imagine.  As a wedding photographer in Scotland, I have seen all sorts of things.

5. As a conference photographer in Edinburgh or Scotland, I have had a lot of repeat business.  This will not happen in weddings, although you can get referrals from friends of the bride and groom and people may ask for your business card on the day.  I have photographed weddings when I was asked at a friends wedding if I could do their photos.  So it pays to be friendly professional and polite at all times.

So I hope this helps all you budding wedding and conference photographers in the UK.  Here are some of my wedding photo images and also conference photos from this website. Corporate event and conference photographer Edinburgh, Glasgow and Scotland ( Wright Photography, Edinburgh and Glasgow conference photographer | Wedding Photographer Edinburgh Glasgow and Scotland

Until next time.

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