Colin Wright Photography | Corporate Photography Headshots - What to do and what not to do

Corporate Photography Headshots - What to do and what not to do

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Hi All

A quick blog today on corporate photography headshots.  Often when out and about photographing corporate events in Edinburgh, I am often asked to do a headshot of one of the participants.  Or I can be asked to the company location.  Here are my do's and dont's

Do try and utilise the background of the subject ie at their desk, or with the company logo behind them

Find out the purpose of the shot ie is it for Social Media, or is it for a brochure, you only need head and shoulders at the very most for a Linkedin image

Do take extra gear

Do take a variety of flash equipment especially if it is your first time at the location

Focus on the eyes

Keep speaking to your subject to keep them relaxed

Take some shots without flash

Keep an eye on the detail ie collar is not straight etc

Try something new, I have photographed headshots in front of graffiti and even done an infrared photography, with Edinburgh in the background


Don't rush the shoot

Don't have one specific style of flash and stick to it all costs, you never know what the location will bring

don't take hundreds of shots when only one will be used, it gives the impression you are making lots of mistakes

Don't try only one posed position


Anyway, of to my corporate photoshoot headshot commission in Edinburgh, followed by some newspaper photography at the weekend

See you later

Kind Regards



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