Colin Wright Photography | Rugby and Newspaper Photography Edinburgh and East Lothian and Fuji XT2

Rugby and Newspaper Photography Edinburgh and East Lothian and Fuji XT2

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Hi All

A quick blog from my visit to the rugby at Dunbar yesterday.  I have been using the impressive Fuji 100-400mm lens on my Fuji XT2 recently and will decide soon whether to go back to my Canon gear for sports.  As an event photographer in Edinburgh, I am always looking for new gear and I love using the Fuji XT2 for conferences and corporate photography in Edinburgh and Scotland, but will it match up for newspaper photoshoots in Edinburgh.  I have been trying the 100-400mm on my XT2 for sport recently and here is my verdict very quickly and in plain English.

Image Quality - excellent, sharp images at 100mm to 400mm, although dropping a little at 400mm, to be expected

Focusing - Lets you down a little, doesn't always focus on the moving image, even when the set accordingly in the menu

Speed - Cant react quickly to rapidly changing viewpoints, still processing previous images

Viewfinder - Maybe its just me but I find the electronic viewfinder a bit confusing whilst doing sport

Overall, it is a great lens and may work better in other sports ie I have only tried in in rugby and football.  Image quality and build are great, it just doesn't respond quickly enough for me at the moment and I would be reluctant to rely on this camera and lens for a big important sports commission.  However, a great camera and lens for all other purposes ie event, corporate and landscape.

Anyway, until next time, I will leave you with a shot from yesterday.

Kind Regards


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