Mac or Windows - Photographers in Scotland and their Preferred Operating System

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Hi All

Some time ago, I posted a blog on my other website on the subject of Mac or Windows operating systems.  As I have now changed almost entirely to Apple systems, I now have more experience in using the MacBook and I thought as we are still in lockdown and it may be a month or two until my professional corporate and event photography commissions restart in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland, that this would be a good time to re-visit the subject.

So here is my opinion for what it is worth and it is only my preference from my personal experience.  I am sure other photographers will go the opposite way.

For Apple Mac:

1. Although it shouldn't make a difference, they just look cooler and are more enjoyable to work with.  Whilst this should not impact on business decisions, it does to an extent due to the professional image it creates.

2. Macs work better with Photoshop and the updates are designed to work well with Apple systems.

3. The products last longer in my opinion.  Although more expensive, Mac systems can be an investment.  I find my PCs start to slow down after a few years.

4. They sync well with other Apple devices.  Although pc and android systems also offer sync between devices it is more clumsy and you are pairing different manufactured devices with each other, which is often problematic.

5. I like most of the Apple updates and they don't take ages to update.  I also feel Windows updates often made the system more difficult to work with, rather than improve things.

6. I prefer Apple customer service.

For Windows:

1. Easier for working with documents due to Microsoft office compatibility.

2. I find it easier working with Music on Windows systems, they don't make it difficult to download or save Flac files to the devices. One of the things I don't like about Apple, is it forces you into their system, so you spend money on Apple products.  I prefer to be given the choice.

3. Most Windows systems still offer the option to burn CDs and DVDs.  I know this is outdated technology but some of my clients still want the service and it means I have to purchase an additional disk burner.  This wasn't even available on my Mac book when I purchased it 5 years ago when most of my clients still preferred disks.

4. There are some things I prefer about Windows, such as keyboard shortcuts and right click options, but this is mostly just because I am used to the Windows system.  Eventually I will learn the Apple shortcuts.

So that's it, overall I prefer Mac systems, as I think the good points outweigh the bad.  I could have added in the Windows section that the products are cheaper but you get what you pay for and in the long run I now prefer Apple.  Keep in mind I was a Windows user for 20 years, so this decision was not taken lightly.

Anyway, hopefully some event photography commissions soon, in the meantime, its more fine art and infrared photography during lockdown.

Until next time.

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